How Do I Get Rid Of CottonMouth?

It doesn’t really matter what you call it: dry mouth, cottonmouth, “The Pasties” or if you want to get technical about it: Xerostomia (Zero-Stow-Mee-Uh).

All of above speaks to the same, very common and super annoying experience of not having enough saliva to keep your mouth wet.

There are all kind of reasons that can lead to a dry mouth…but our focus here at CottonMouth is a little rascal that we otherwise adore: Cannabis.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re huge fans of medical cannabis and champions of its cause. But, we also recognize that while cannabis can be super effective in treating all kinds of ailments, it also leaves a dry mouth in its wake – no matter how it’s ingested. So…we created an all natural product, formulated by a cannabis-specialist pharmacist to knock out that pesky little side-effect in one, mouthwatering spray.

What Causes Cottonmouth?

Dry mouth occurs when the salivary glands that make saliva (spit) don’t work properly. Common causes for cottonmouth include: intake of prescription medication, dehydration, stress, and you guessed it: good old fashioned cannabis intake.

Why Does Cannabis Cause CottonMouth?

A group of researchers in Argentina set out to answer that very question in 2006. Thanks to their research, we now know quite a bit about this common and uncomfortable condition caused by cannabis intake.

Here are some of the basics:

Every human body has a cannabinoid system. Within this system are key components called “cannabinoid receptors.” They act as binding sites for both plant and human cannabinoids and are found all over the body, even in the salivary glands.

It turns out, both types of cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) are present in a pair of glands located beneath the floor of the mouth that are responsible for producing approximately 70% of our saliva called the “submandibular glands.”  When different cannabinoids like THC or CBD binds to its receptor, the submandibular glands stop receiving messages from the parasympathetic nervous system telling them to produce saliva – resulting in the unfortunate experience we’ve come to know as “cottonmouth.”

Although researchers have yet to  discover a way to eliminate the dry mouth caused from cannabis intake,  they have been using  this knowledge to treat problems associated with limited saliva production.

This knowledge is the driving force of CottonMouth Formula: a natural and mouthwatering  solution to dry mouth. CottonMouth Breath Spray, our humble, first step to help you “Say Bye to Dry.”

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