CottonMouth 101 – A quick and simple reference guide.

A Bit About Spit: A Quick Anatomy and Physiology Lesson.

We’ve got six salivary glands:

One in each cheek, (the parotid glands).

Two under the roof of the mouth (the sublingual glands).

Two more at the back of the mouth, (the submandibular glands – affectionately known as SMG).

And they all produce saliva – or in simple terms – spit.

The biggest saliva generators are SMG. They are responsible for producing about 70 percent of the total, (according to research performed at Cedars-Sinai).

What do we need saliva for anyway?

No need to get all grossed out…saliva is an important part of our everyday lives and essential to healthy living. Saliva helps to protect and lubricate our mouth, allowing for (way) easier swallowing. It also aids in food digestion and acts as our body’s natural response to neutralize much of the acidity in our food.

And it  promotes healthy dental hygiene. Chew on that!

How do I know if I have cottonmouth?

If you experience any of the following symptoms after marijuana intake, then breathe easy friend, you’ve got CottonMouth:

  • A sticky, dry feeling in the mouth

  • Trouble chewing, swallowing, tasting, or speaking

  • A burning feeling in the mouth

  • A dry feeling in the throat

  • Cracked lips

  • A dry, rough tongue

  • Unpleasant, stale breath

How do I cure cottonmouth?

Some of our MMJ clients medicate many times daily, and in addition to CottonMouth spray (which we already know is awesome), here are eight tips and ideas that we’ve collected to help you get a grip on the pasties:

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Ease up on your caffeine intake
  3. Tone down the tobacco
  4. Eat something sour (the sour sensation stimulates saliva production – that’s the secret behind our ”Lemon Sour” flavor).
  5. Brush your teeth
  6. Try to focus on breathing through your nose
  7. In cases of extreme and chronic dry mouth, sleeping with a humidifier can be helpful.
  8. Our personal favorite: Give yourself a spray CottonMouth!

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