Makes you feel like… you could do anything.

Because…basically, we really do believe you can. We are champions of the “everything is figure-outable” cause.

Want to start a new business? What’s stopping you?

Want to ask her out to dinner? What do you have to lose?

Want to drop a few pounds? Do it!

The first step to doing anything awesome in this world is an honest look at your reality. What’s not serving you? What do you need to let go of? And then…take honest stock of what is working and figure out how can you optimize that.

CottonMouth is infused with all kinds of good vibes and this idea is one of them.

So…tell us…what’s something awesome you’ve done lately? Join our “Be THAT guy” campaign on facebook. Send us your best CottonMouth inspired shots and let the awesomeness FLOW.

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