CottonMouth was Designed by a Cannabis Specialty Pharmacist

About Us

Cottonmouth is for all cannabis patients and cannabis enthusiasts who want to partake of the plant without the pasties that comes along with it.

Our all natural formula makes cottonmouth a great choice for pretty much everyone…
Unless of course you like dry mouth, in which case, this isn’t for you.

“So many MMJ patients suffer needlessly from the unfortunate effects of dry mouth. I decided to do something about it. I used my expertise as a formulation expert and tinkered in the lab until I synthesized the perfect fusion of a great tasting breath spray that delivers high therapeutic value. CottonMouth spray works fast to alleviate symptoms of dry mouth caused by cannabis consumption.”

  • Saul Kaye
  • CottonMouth

I want some…

Fan Mail

I love it! It is sharp and zesty. Gets rid of the nasty taste and feeling in my mouth after a smoke.

Smoking has diminished my taste buds and bold flavors are a must. Cottonmouth delivers a velvet swish with every spray. It’s a great experience.
I love the sour

From dry mouth to a taste bud sensation in seconds. Cottonmouth lets me carry on with my day without worrying about dry mouth from my medication.

I use medical cannabis daily to treat nerve pain. Its effects are sublime. The only downside is, no matter what form I ingest the cannabis, I always seem to get dry mouth. CottonMouth is a God send! I love the sour lemon. It makes my mouth start to water before I even push the first spray. Just wanted to thank you for making this difficult journey a little lighter. Blessings.