Makes you feel good.

I don’t know how many people actually allow themselves the time to really think deeply about dry mouth. But, our team here at CottonMouth has thought about it a lot.

And we’re pretty clear: a breath spray that treats dry mouth caused from cannabis consumption isn’t going to change the whole world… but we do think it’s a step in the right direction,

We’re a group of social entrepreneurs who care about the human condition – we care about quality of life. In other words: our experience in the world – matters to us. We are a likeminded group of folks that care about quality of experience. And we’ve noticed…happy, successful people,what we call “winners” seem to take the time to notice what’s not working in their lives, and then take steps to fix it.

Dry mouth is one of those common, almost “random” things that cannabis consumers have come to live with. But we’re free beings – and we don’t have to live with things that don’t serve us. 

Taking the time to correct your reality – to steady your course – that’s winning. When you feel better, you tend to do better.  

And we’re all about doing good stuff.

Project Details:

Seeming Nilla


Sunrise Tech


July 2011


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